First project: Linkstation + Plex

By 2014-10-05 November 17th, 2014 Buffalo + Plex, Project Introduction

My first project is the Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo customized firmware. The original idea was to improve some of the internal features of this fairly smart and cheap NAS but with a little twist I ended up implementing a brand new feature. It is already capable of running a web-based torrent client, DLNA server, iTunes server (audio only) and a few other cool applications above the regular file sharing capabilities.

The Plex Media Server is one of the best Media Servers available nowadays if you want advanced metadata for your videos. It can automatically download posters for you and the details of each of your videos. It’s perfect if you can afford running something 24/7 in your apartment – because it needs a server. My custom firmware is trying to decrease the footprint of your server by adding the Plex Server functionality to your NAS – which already runs all the time.

There are a few NAS supported packages for the Plex Media Server but this is the only firmware I know that does it on the Buffalo Linkstation. All other NASs have a package management system which makes them easier to implement things but also more expensive.

Be advised, as the Buffalo Linkstation has a small ARM processor, it will not be able to convert (“transcode” as they call it at Plex) movies, but if you play movies on something that can play multiple formats, you should be fine. My old Samsung TV (yes, it has a Plex client integrated) plays all formats as well as my PC, but if you want to play anything on your iPad or iPhone, you better make sure it’s in an Apple-compatible format. (H.264) The same applies to the Roku and the Chromecast which both have great Plex client applications.

Go to the project page to find out more details.

– GaryT


  • yassine says:

    good morning
    auto mode no longer works nas starts and restarts without stop

    • garyt says:

      Hi yassine,

      Can you elaborate on what you see? Do you mean “auto mode” when you turn the power switch fully up instead of keeping it on the middle setting?
      Do you have network keep-alive enabled?
      Does the “full on” mode work?

      – GaryT

  • saiful says: newbies..can this firmware detect any subtitle file..coz i juz bought this ls-wvl from my fren..all my movie can play in media server but..seem it fail to load my srt file.. im already put a same name file for my srt file…help this plex can help me..plz answer?