Buffalo + Plex Firmware 1.69-shonk released for PC and Mac

By 2014-11-16 Buffalo + Plex

The new firmware is available for download. Compared to the last stable (ultima) version the changes are:

  • Plex Media Server 0.9.11 integrated
  • Transmission 2.84 and 2.77 integrated

Some trackers might block Transmission 2.84 when a new version is released. If you use one of those trackers, use the older version, that should not be blocked. Also, additional skins are available, you can set them on the Buffalo web interface. “kettu” is a re-imaging of the built-in  “Clutch” web interface with a different JavaScript library and a mobile view, while “Shift” is a simple interface to get information more easily.

As for the Plex Media Server, the newest version requires a new libc library that is not supported by the Linkstation out of the box. Because of this I had to jailroot Plex and run it from its own little environment. I will have to create a detailed developer’s entry on this so people supporting other NASs can also benefit from it. (Coming soon.) Plex has some weird dependencies on rsync and the Bourne shell.

Many thanks to Shonk, who created the first custom firmware for the Buffalo Linkstation that I used. His work inspired me a lot. That firmware has different advantages than the one on this page, developers might benefit from his, while end-users might like the improved Buffalo web interface better.


– GaryT


  • Adilson says:


    I enjoyed this rom, congratulations!

    I would like to report a problem I have, I’m trying to use the Transmission 2.84, the application works correctly only after the download is complete, I can not copy and / or move files in the folder, I get the message that I’m not allowed to do so.

    I found that the Pastra transmission and created files are created by the root user and carrying can not move the file from this directory.

    Inform know how to solve?

  • garyt says:

    Hi Adilson,

    I’ve also noticed it earlier this week and I’ve fixed it in the next release. I’m planning to release that next weekend, please be patient until then.

    With Transmission, you should be able to move and remove the files but moving them out of the Transmission directory using SMB does not work until the next release.

    – GaryT

  • Jonathan says:


    Thanks for your good job.

    I indeed have the same probleme as Adilson & will be wainting for the next version.

    I have a probleme with Plex too.

    I can’t add library to my plex server LS-XL. I can click on “general” then a categorie like “movies” and there the list for select language stay blank…

    I can’t click on “next”…

    If you could help me on this 🙂

    • garyt says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      When you first run the Plex server, it takes a lot of time for it to get everything ready. Do the following: restart your Plex server (admin interface), go to the page (it will take about a minute), add a category and on the first page of the category wait another 30 seconds until “English” appears in the languages. If it doesn’t appear, cancel the window and try to add the categroy again. This usually worked for me.

      If you’re still having troubles, try “initializing Plex settings” (admin interface) which will remove the Plex database and try the whole thing again. You need a bit of patience there, because of the small processor of the Linkstation.

      – GaryT

  • Jonathan says:

    Thanks a lot.

    It was indeed the slow cpu which was the cause of all of that.

    Cold you notice us when you upload the next version which will fix the transmission issue?

    Thanks !

    • garyt says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you could figure out your NAS issue. The next version of the firmware with the transmission fix is right around the corner, it should be published over the weekend.

      – GaryT

  • hello 🙂

    i am using buffalo linkstation ls -chl v2.
    i just want to check how to install this awesome rom 🙂 ….
    1. force update
    2. clear browser cache
    3. use 🙂

    did i got something wrong, and if so can you point me to some manual, cuz of FAQ pages i didn’t found any manuals on how to activate transsmission.
    i do apologize if any question sounds stupid… but I all ready almost bricked my NAS 🙂 … and got it back running 🙂 …

    • garyt says:

      Sorry for the late answer, you did everything right. Transmission should show up on the BitTorrent section of the admin website.