Gift + Some news on the next update (soon: Transmission and new Plex)

By 2014-11-11 November 17th, 2014 Buffalo + Plex

The latest “Ultima” version of the firmware seems to be a success and I’m very happy about it. (Feel free to send feedback to the Plex forum or below.) I’ve been working on integrating Transmission into the firmware while in parallel I was trying to figure out how to implement the newest version of the Plex Media Server. Both is going well and I’ve got an interim release that has Transmission 2.84 and 2.77 integrated with web controls on the Buffalo admin interface.

User Oxygen8 on the NAS Central forum mentioned to me that some private trackers don’t allow all versions of Transmission for seeding, they usually only allow the very latest (2.84) version and the latest of the previous iteration (2.77) of the client. I wanted to make sure everyone has what they need so I integrated both versions into the firmware and you can decide during configuration on the Buffalo interface which version you want to run. You can also choose your “skin” for transmission. “Clutch” is the original web interface, “kettu” is a rewrite with jQuery with mobile devices also in mind and “Shift” is a simple interface for a different experience.

Right when I finished developing it and I put it into a new release (called Oxygen8 for his useful insight), I figured out how to implement the newest Plex Media Server into the firmware. It was an “It’s alive!” moment at 2AM. (You had to be there.)

Since I would need to test “oxygen8” more before release but I want to upgrade Plex, I decided to send a little gift on the blog but keep working on the new Plex Media Server version.

So, this is the first time for a developer’s version of the firmware and I’m releasing it here on the blog. The developer’s version has three main differences compared to stable releases:

  1. SSH is enabled on the box (with user root and the default password, PLEASE change it)
  2. The timeout for the Buffalo web interface was raised to 1 hour. (Default is 10 minutes)
  3. The /root folder contains bootstraps to set up optware. (If you’re interested)

As it is a developer’s release, I must warn you that this is not for end-users, please wait for the next stable release for regular use. Opening up SSH and lowering timeouts is a security risk, if you don’t know what SSH is, please do not install this firmware.

Also I have only packaged it for Windows, but if you are a developer, you should be able to copy the contents of the Mac .dmg installer and overwrite hddrootfs.img from this package. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Apart from that, these changes make a developer’s life easier.  Together with Transmission, it makes a nice update. The only caveat is that since it’s a developer’s version, I can’t help out with all the issues you find, I can only respond and fix things that are related to my modifications.

If you are a regular user of your NAS, please wait for the next stable release that is is around the corner with Transmission and the latest Plex Media Server included.

You can download “oxygen8” dev version here.

Below is a picture of the Transmission control panel on the Buffalo webpage:



  • oxygen8 says:

    The Firmware Mod is not from me. Its from Shonk.

    • garyt says:

      Fair point Oxygen8, but you gave me the idea to implement multiple versions of Transmission so people find it more useful. Also, you were “only” named an interim version which is to say, a small recognition. 🙂 I’m still grateful for your comments.
      I used Shonk’s mod when I first bought my device and it made me curious if Plex can run on it so Shonk’s work inspired me for sure. However the current firmware modifications were all programmed manually and I didn’t copy other’s code for it. (For example Shonk has telnet and a separate SSHD server installed in his mod, while I use the built-in SSHD server with some configuration modifications. Also, I had to upgrade hdparm, because the built-in version wasn’t able to read the APM parameters, only write them. In Shonk’s mod, he only forcibly disables APM, there are no other options.)

      Shonk will get his tribute in due time, I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be here if he didn’t inspire me with his mod. 😉

  • Fred01 says:

    Not working. Just installed on Linkstation LS-XLCCD and nowhere to activate or manage Plex

    • garyt says:

      As the project page states, please clear your browser cache after upgrade. Your browser cached the old Javascript pages that’s why you don’t see the new features.