Testing Buffalo+Plex firmware 1.71-3.67 Heiwa / Early adopters needed

By 2015-12-02 Buffalo + Plex

It’s not easy to create a firmware without an actual Linkstation device. In the past year I documented (and automated) firmware creation for my Linkstation so it’s worth a shot. Especially because so many people want the newest version of Plex. Download the latest “testing” version of the custom firmware at the bottom of this post.

BE ADVISED: there was no testing done with this firmware on an actual Linkstation device. Update to this firmware ONLY if you really-really want the newest Plex version (for example you bought an Apple TV 4) and you know what you’re doing. (Ask yourself: do I know how to unbrick my NAS?)

If I get positive feedback, I’ll make a production release. Also there’s no Mac release for this one until it’s production ready. Auto-update will stay on the “Halloween” release for now.

Changes in this version:

  • Plex Media Server was upgraded to
  • update-plex script integrated for testing purposes (just run it from the SSH command-line, it’s in the path. No GUI for now.)

One more caveat: I don’t have access to my regular Linux virtual machine so I built one in the cloud. My original virtual machine is a CentOS machine but the cloud one is Ubuntu. I had to fix some of my scripts to be compatible with Ubuntu. It seems to work fine, but please, PLEASE do proper testing on this release, not just a Plex version check.

There’s a v1.69 based version for the people with troubled Transmission and a v1.71 version for everyone else:

Download v1.71-Heiwa for Windows   Download v1.69-Peace for Windows

“Heiwa” means “Peace” in Japanese. For me, all celebrations in December are about peace, love and family, regardless of the holiday. I wish everyone peaceful holidays.




  • Thomas says:

    I’ve installed this new firmware on my LS-XL11E. Installation went without a problem. Needs time!
    The major problem is that I can’t add a library in Plex. It does’t save even I can see the folder.
    I had the same problem with previous version.
    In other words, Plex is not running on my NAS.

    Best regards

    • garyt says:

      Thanks Thomas. Unfortunately the LS-XL CPU speed is half of the LS-WVL (where I test Plex) and it’s possible that Plex times out when you want to add the folders. Try restarting Plex and waiting about 5 minutes before you start setting up Plex then 5 minutes again when the first screen shows up, etc. If you’re very patient (and lucky), you can get through that screen.

      On the LS-WVL, the libraries show up after about a minute when you first run Plex. If you jump it and start setting up earlier, it will break.

      Apart from Plex, everything else works ok? That would be great.

      • Thomas says:

        Yes everything else is working. The LS-XL CPU is definitely too slow. I’ve got it to work after a while, but no streaming, even without transcoding (direct streaming).

  • Fabiano says:

    On LS-XHL, After install Halloween, transmission won’t start. Overwrited with Heiwa and had the same problem. So i overwrited with Peace, and its all working!

    • garyt says:

      Thanks Fabiano, this confirms the 1.71 vs 1.69 problem with Transmission again. I hope to recreate the issue eventually and figure out what’s the problem with 1.71.

  • mh says:

    New to all of this, but looking for a ssh solution to my LS441. If I am reading this site correctly this will not work on my unit, correct? I read somewhere you were taking donations toward purchasing a LS4 version, where is that part of the site so I can encourage you in that direction?

    Thank you,


    • garyt says:

      Hi mh,

      Sorry for the late reply, I was traveling (a lot). If you note in your donation that it’s for the LS4xx series, I’ll make sure I use the money for that. (That is actually my next goal.)
      The donation button is at the bottom of the project page, here: /portfolio/buffalo-linkstation-plex/


  • KrasnovSS says:

    My buffalo – LS-QVL/R5
    1.71-3.67 HEIWA & Halloween problem with Transmission, not work (

    • garyt says:

      Yup, known issue, I’m working on it. (As of now, I’ve been traveling so far, apologies for the late reply.)

      – GaryT

  • Richard says:

    I’ve installed the Halloween firmware on my LS-WXL/R1, but the Transmission process die soon, then I upgrade my NAS the Heiwa firmware and the Transmission problem still exsist. Now I’ve try downgrade the NAS on 1.69 Peace release, and I hope the Transmission process is running normally.

    • garyt says:

      Hi Richard,

      Yup, 1.71 breaks transmission for some reason (troubleshooting pending), with 1.69 it should work.

      – GaryT

  • Adam says:


    I currently own a Buffalo Linkstation Cloudstor Pro (CS-WV2.0/1D) and I would like to know if this firmware will work on this model. My hope is yes, as I have a Roku 3, and it would be great to use my current NAS (instead of buying a new one).



    • garyt says:

      Cloudstore has a similar firmware but not exactly the same. Cloud store’s web interface is more modern (I think) than the Linkstation’s so you might actually lose some features. I’d say stick with your own firmware for now or if you are really-really tech-savvie, search for the beta test for the CloudStore firmware. (I think I made a blog entry about it here on the site.)

      – GaryT

  • Huy says:

    Hi garyt, i just bought the buffalo ls-WVL, I installed the firmware v1.71-Heiwa but I still do not see the Plex Media Server in the Media Server. I do not know why and you can guide me to install it?

    • garyt says:

      Hi Huy,

      Make sure you clear your browser history before you log onto the interface. Your browser saves parts of the website so the new features cannot show.


  • akanblue says:

    Why we do not add pyload or another add-on to download directlink over internet( not local as same as aria2c) !

  • Jerry says:

    I installed it on my LS-QVL R5. Everything is working faultlessly. But would love an update to the latest release of PLEX.

    A really big thank you for taking the time to develop this.

    • Jerry says:

      I also would love to see an update to plex as it is all working faultlessly on my LS-QVL R5. Or at least some instructions into how to add the latest .spk file.

      Thanks for all the hard work Gary

  • habee says:

    Hello, I use your firmware because of the opportunity to use ssh without any hassles. I do not need a plex server, but what I need is an up to date
    Logitech Media Server. Unfortunately that one installed by linkstation is crippled (it runs in “safe” mode by default) and quite outdated. So I was looking for a way to installthe current (7.9.0) LMS and found that guide here, which adopted ssods (which was preliminary for synology diskstations) for linkstations:


    It works like a charm and you have the opportunity to install *any* LMS-Version you would like to just by uploading an appropiate LMS-package. So i would recommend to completely throw all that old squeezebox-server version out of the firmware an install ssods instead.

    Just my 2 cent

    Great work so far, thumbs up

    Greetings habee