Buffalo + Plex firmware 1.69-junwei released

By 2014-12-27 January 1st, 2015 Buffalo + Plex

Both the PC and Mac version can be downloaded from the project page. If you need SSH access, the Developer’s version is also available at the “Other versions” page.

Main differences since the “Bobby” version:

  • Plex Media Server (minor upgrade)
  • Plex now sees USB disks and “disk2” if you are not using RAID (for real this time)
  • New skin for Transmission: transmission-web-control. It’s a very nice interface and you can define where you want your files downloaded. It also has a button to go back to the original “Clutch” interface.
  • “Kettu” skin for Transmission is updated to the latest version.

Junwei pointed out to me that Plex didn’t see disk2 in a non-RAID scenario. Thanks for your patience.


  • Jonathan says:


    Personaly I still have a problem of permission with transmission.

    If i download a file (no folder) then there is no problem.

    But if i download a folder which contain files then i can rename the folder but the files are locked for Unix User.

    So i can’t move the folder or the files within it…

    Suggestion : Could it be possible tu add the restart transmission button in the left column fn the main page of the interface. under the shutdown button?

    Thanks for your good work !

    • garyt says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      This might be yet another bug to fix, can you please try something for me?
      Stop transmission and open up your settings.json under transmission/_config. Check your umask setting and if it’s set to 18 (the default), please change it to 0. The start transmission again and try to download something.

      If you create a new transmission instance that creates the config fresh, it is set properly, but if you already had it set up with the wrong setting it doesn’t fix it.

      Please send feedback if this fixed your issue.

      About your suggestion: I don’t exactly understand where you’d like to see the restart transmission button. The left column of the administrative interface (which is a darker area and it contains the version number of the firmware, serial number, storage status and other things) doesn’t contain a shutdown button for me. (Coincidentally I was playing around with the shutdown feature of the NAS today, which is hidden, most probably because it can’t properly shut the device down.) Where would you like the restart transmission button exactly?

      – GaryT

      • Jonathan says:

        Hello, i just did the trick and put a download.

        I will five you a feedback asap. (@work for now…)

        for the button, see his capture : https://www.dropbox.com/s/zz19hfcwn3ixqnb/linkstation.PNG?dl=0

        on the bottom left under the button “arret” (yes i’m french :p)

        this is a good spot to shutdown/start the extension like plex, transmission…

        • garyt says:

          Hi Jonathan,

          Nice mockup, it’s a good idea to create a “control panel” to all the important functions.
          I’ll put it in the queue but it’s not high priority until FlexGet is implemented. It’s just a pain to get it working in a supportable fashion.

          Thanks for testing, I’ll wait for your feedback.

          – GaryT


          I realized this might not even be a mockup. I don’t have it on my Linkstation LS-WVL, the shutdown command is hidden and originally it was under the System menu. I see you have LS-XL, would you be able to send me the content of /etc/nas_feature please?

  • Jonathan says:

    Hello again,

    It doesn’t bother me at all to send you this.

    Sadly I can’t acces to this folder. For an unknown reason i can’t access the Nas through SSH…

    If you tell me what to do, it’s ok.

    Fot transmission, as soon as i restart the service, the umask settings is automaticaly set to “18”… so i can’t let it to “0”…

  • Jonathan says:

    I finally access trough SSh so this is the nas_feature file :


    the permission problem is still there anyway… the Umask is set to 18 everytime i restart transmission

    could you give me a command to stop transmission daemon in ssh mode?

    • garyt says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for the nas_feature file, I think you have the feature “SUPPORT_SHUTDOWN_FROMWEB” which I am missing in my NAS, that’s why you have the extra shutdown button on the left side. I found the code in the firmware, I’ll see what I can put there.

      As for the umask issue, the command to stop transmission temporarily is:
      /etc/init.d/transmission.sh stop
      (Until a start command or reboot.)

      Strangely line 228 in that file is supposed to set umask to 0 if it was set to something else, so I’m not sure at this point what is setting it to 18.

      Can you upload your settings.json (clear your password if you have any)? I’d like to check your umask exactly. The line I mentioned might be created slightly differently than I expect. For example if there are multiple spaces between “umask”: and the number, it will not work properly. (I’ll make it more robust in the next version.)

      I’ll keep looking.

  • Jonathan says:

    there is my settings.json :


    Good luck with that 😉

    • garyt says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      Two good news:
      1. I found the bug in /etc/init.d/transmission.sh and it’s fixed in the next version. I was able to reproduce the issue and I tested the fix.
      2. I implemented a few shortcuts into the left side of the admin interface as you suggested. It will also be available in the next version.

      The not-so-good-news is that I don’t want to release a new version until I implement FlexGet properly. If you want to fix it for yourself, here’s how you can do it:

      1. Open /etc/init.d/transmission.sh (use SSH and vi or Notepad++ with SFTP, or WinSCP to copy the file there and back)
      2. Search for “BT_SETTINGS” in lines 227,228,230,244
      3. Put a dollar sign right in front of “BT_SETTINGS” so it becomes “$BT_SETTINGS”
      4. Save the file back to its original place and restart transmission

      Apologies for missing this, most of the time it’s quite early (midnight to 4AM) when I’m coding it, so sometimes I overlook things. Thanks for your patience with this bug.

      – GaryT

  • Matt says:

    Does this work with a Terastation vs. a Linkstation? I downloaded and ran the software and it said “no device found that needs the update”.

    • garyt says:

      Hi Matt,

      Unfortunately the base firmware for the Terastation is different, hence this will not work. Please don’t try it, you will break your Terastation.

      If I can get my hands on a Terastation I can make the necessary modifications on its firmware but until then, this is only for the Linkstation.

      – GaryT

  • Björn says:


    first of all I have to say thanks for such a great project!
    I just found your firmware in internet because I was searching for a PLEX server running on my old buffalo.
    I followed the installation guide and everything worked for me. But if I navigate now via Extentions to
    media server it looks still the same like it looked before the FW update. Hope you have an idea. I have an
    LS-CHL in use. Both, the web admin view as well as the show me as a version 1.69.

    • garyt says:

      Hi Björn,

      You are very welcome, I hope you will have good use for it.

      On the left side of the administrative interface, the version number is supposed to be 1.69-junwei, if it only says 1.69, most probably the flashing didn’t succeed and you’ll need to do it again.

      Try clearing your browser history too, the page is very Javascript heavy and browsers tend to cache the old versions of the page.

      – GaryT

      • Björn says:

        Perfect!! The browser cache was the problem. Thanks a lot. Fantastic solution and fantastic help.

  • Junwei says:

    Hi GaryT,
    Was away during the holidays. I just installed the firmware.
    I’m happy to report that the non-Raid setup works!! The second disk drive is now accessible.
    Thanks! The old linkstation is useful again!

  • Robert Crawley says:

    I’ve loaded the server on my Linkstation LS-CHL123 and can access it OK from the network. However when I try to add libraries it asks for a language but the drop down list is blank. Any ideas please.


    • garyt says:

      Hi Robert,

      Most probably your LS-CHL is underpowered for that specific Plex page. Even on my 1.6 GHz LS-WVL it takes about a minute for the language dropdown to populate. Please read this comment: /buffalo-plex-firmware-1-69-bobby-released-pc-mac/#comment-130
      It details the issue. It should work on your NAS but you have to be more patient on that page.

      – GaryT

      • Robert Crawley says:

        Thanks for doing this Gary. I’ll look at doing an upgrade

        • garyt says:

          Hi Bob,

          In my experience after adding your media everything works just fine. If you have the patience (as mentioned in the post, maybe 3 minutes), when you add your sections to Plex, the rest should be smooth. I added my sections when I first turned on the device and from then on everything was fine, so you might not need to upgrade.

          – GaryT

  • Jonathan says:

    The permission Issue for transmission is settled.

    I successfully installed Sickbeard on my Ls-XL (an alt version in Vo & VF : https://github.com/sarakha63/Sick-Beard)

    Is there an advantage in using flexget instead of this one ?

    _ Thanks for your help anyway 🙂

    • garyt says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you could fix it.

      If Sickbeard works for you, use that. To be honest I didn’t use either of it much, so I can’t give you too much advice. FlexGet will have the admin interface to turn it on/off, that’s the main difference, and that it’s not using optware. (I’ve had a lot of troubles trying to move optware libraries out of /opt so developers can still use it and we don’t break each others changes.)

      By the way, SSH will be implemented in all new versions, so it’s easier to maintain your custom settings and if you use optware and you make sure you put all your custom settings there (or on your disk), then newer upgrades will not break your settings. The firmware will be optware aware.

      – GaryT