YAP – Yet Another uPdate

By 2016-04-28 May 8th, 2016 Buffalo + Plex, General

In the past few days the website was down. The reason was that I upgraded the engine of the site but a plugin that displays the front page was not updated. Eventually the graphic designer who originally created the site, helped me.

I had to choose if I develop the new firmware in my free time or if I fix the site and I chose to develop instead. (Who cares about websites anyhow. :))

On that note, I found a very interesting debug option in the firmware. (Maybe others knew it already, but I just came across it.) If you press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-D on the firmware update page (CONTROL-OPTION-SHIFT-D on Macs), a window pops up where you can set a custom URL for a firmware update. This would’ve been very useful when I was developing the automated firmware updates. The link should point to a custom XML file that contains details of the new firmware so it’s not really useful for regular users. I might be able to repurpose this for PlexPass updates…

A second note is that most probably Plex Media Server downgrades will not be supported by the Linkstation. The reason is that during an upgrade the internal Plex Media Server database schema is also updated which makes it impossible for older versions to read it. You have to remove the Plex Media Server database after a downgrade and start from a fresh empty database – you lose all your metadata including your library setup. That’s not something a regular user would want.

That’s it for today, stay tuned.


  • Tuan Do says:

    Thank you so much for BUFFALO + PLEX firmware!! 🙂

    Today I found a bug of BUFFALO + PLEX firmware version 1.71. Currently I’m using LS-WVL with 2 seagate 1TB HDD. In default buffalo firmware 1.71, I can create Array 1 with those hdds then use it. But I unable to do that in BUFFALO + PLEX firmware version 1.71.
    In BUFFALO + PLEX firmware version 1.71, after I create Array 1, storage’s status always is “not available”.

    • garyt says:

      Hi Tuan,

      So if I understand it correctly, a newly created RAID1 (mirror) array is not available but the same version (v1.71) from BuffaloTech works. I’ll take a look at that when I have some time.
      Please post more if you find something out. Does RAID0 or separate drives work fine?


  • Gustav says:

    Hi Gary!
    Great to see you are back in business!
    I was wondering if you had any chance to plan for a firmware for LS duo 220 and 420D?
    Last time we spole you said it has a different ARM processor, will it ever be compatible with Plex?

    Best regards

    • garyt says:

      Hi Gustav,

      There is an ARMv7 version of Plex (this is what the LS200 and 400 NASs use) but I didn’t have a chance to check them out yet. I’m a bit slower in making the new version of the firmware than I expected so I don’t have an ETA yet for anything with the LS200/400. I’ll post an update if I have any news.


      • SV says:

        Good luck Gary.! Hope to see the Plex working on my LS200 very soon. 🙂

      • Lajast says:

        Hey GaryT,

        extremely nice work you did here. Any news on a firmware for the LS420D? I’m really looking forward to that.

        Best Regards

  • Mussels says:

    Any chance of an update with just a new version of transmission?

    2.92 appears to be out and fixes some issues that might help a problem i have with magnet links getting stuck at 0%, but the same torrent via .torrent files works fine.

  • Jared says:


    I wanted to know if this is compatible with the LS220DE models. I am getting ready to buy my second. I already have 2 LSWVL/E units. I like the newer interface with the 220.

    Thank you!

  • Phil Weston says:

    Hi Gary

    Thank you so much for this firmware ! I am particularly interested in SSH access but cannot login as root using firmware 1.71. I tried downgrading to 1.69 but still have the problem. Is there any way around this ? I seem to remember in one of the blog entries you mentioned a bug ?
    I may have to download your git repo and try to debug it myself… bit of a noob at this but its very interesting !

    Many Thanks


  • Peter says:

    Hi GaryT,

    We haven’t heard from you for a while. Hope everything goes fine there.

    Is there any update on the new release of your firmware?



  • James says:

    Hi GaryT,

    Happy Canada Day.

    I’m early waiting for new update. Any news?

    Thanks in Advance…

  • Peter Hurst says:

    I’m happily running a RAID 1 with two Seagate ST31000524AS drives on V1.71, unfortunately I set it up with 1.69 firmware and Gary posted the upgrade a few weeks later. One thing I noted thoguh is that if there’s anything exisitng on the disks the Linkstation doesn’t like it and I’ve had to wipe them on another device before I could build the array.

  • Alberto says:

    Hi Gary:

    I’ve just discovered your site and project right now, and this is something I’ve waiting for a long time.
    I have a Buffalo Linkstation LS-QVL/R5.

    I installed a custom firmware Debian based, some time ago, but one day, system not booted, and I had to install original firmware again, after many problems. I continue with it, until now.
    I’ve installed the last version (1.71 Halloween), but I had transmission problem, and I’ve back to 1.69 version.

    I’m happy. I like very much your project,
    SSH and NFS specially (I had ssh access already, thanks to a java tool recipe, I can’t remember the name). NFS was the another most necessary feature for this device, absolutely. I connect Linux hosts to Buffalo as Home central storage and SMB configuration wasn’t the optimal way, and I had many problems. Your firmware, with NFS, despite being user-space and not kernel/module native, with their performance limitations (I know there aren’t another posibility, by kernel limitations), it was what I needed.

    Congratulations for your great job. Keep it up, please.
    (Sorry for my bad english)
    Thank you so much.

  • marcus says:

    Hi GaryT
    do you can Add to arai2
    i think this very convenient

  • TRiXTeR says:

    Hi GaryT!!

    It would be really nice with built-in SickRage in next release! I’ve tried to implement it myself without any luck… Do you think its possible?


  • Manish Jain says:

    Hello Gary,

    I had a severe issue with my ls-wvl ( I was running 1.69-chris, raid-1 ). All was good and I decided to upgrade to v1.71-Andimaginary. Everything was working smoothly, until one day, I started cleaning campaign. I shutdown NAS as anyone would do with poweroff swtich from rear panel, and disconnected all my other multimedia devices and unplugged everything. ( Because I was cleaning ). I was not in hurry to start linkstation, and after couple of days, I placed back and connected and started it and you know, it went into EM-mode. 🙁

    I was wondering what happened all of a sudden, and I planned to re-flash it, but it gave me weird error “acp_state_failure”. I googled for it. People say, it is because /boot partition got filled. Strange, how the hell /boot can be filled. I took their words as there was no other go to resolve it. And then finally I fixed it by flashing stock firmware v1.71.
    Still I thought, lets try to re-flash v1.71-Andimaginary, and it gives my “acp_state_failure” error during installation. So, I just left it running with stock v1.71.

    I was so disappointed. So first thing, I did, backed up important data to external drive. Also, I have removed raid, and running the unit with single disk and other disk I am keeping it for backup purposes, (In other enclosure). ( The intent is not to run both drives in same unit to avoid potential errors and to avoid keeping both busy at same time )


  • Lorenzo says:

    Hi GaryT, I have a Buffalo LS-QL R5. Have you release some firmware thai works with this model?
    Thank you!

  • jackblack says:

    Hi , Thank you !
    I installed 1.69-Mapuo , but I want to install downloader in buffalo . Can you help me ?? ( pyload or aisa2c …. )
    Sorry I noob english ^^ , Thank you !

  • Nelson Schrock says:

    I have a Buffalo LS220DE. IS there any 3rd party firmware that can give this device more usability? I haven’t seen my device listed anywhere, even at Buffalo NAS Central.

  • Alberto says:

    3 months waiting moderation!!!
    I think this blog is out of service 😛

  • Andy says:

    Do you have any plans for further development? I think I speak for many of us who have PlexPass and want to use Sync and PlexCloud but are regretting our choice of NAS but are too invested in their current setup. Help us! I’m sure an update to the latest Plex server would see the $$$ flood in – I’m a gimme for a donation 🙂

  • jack says:

    are you abile to update to the newest plex sever so i can connect with my computers and macbook pro. all i can use is web app

  • theslydog says:

    There is a new firmware update 1.73 due to Samba Vulnerability CVE-2017-7494
    Will you be doing an update of you custom firmware for this vulnerability?
    Update here.

    Samba Vulnerability CVE-2017-7494

    • garyt says:

      Hi theslydog. Thanks for mentioning this new release on the Buffalo website. Unfortunately the firmware is not compatible with transmission since version 1.71 and there is no ARMv5 release for Plex for a while now. So there’s no real benefit for updating the firmware, since none of the added features will work. I’m contemplating on creating a “cut-down” version just for SSH access and the minor changes that were comfortable but there’s no timeline currently.

  • OlsBean says:

    I know this is a really old post but was the SSH issue sorted in the latest version, I just re-installed 1.71 and have lost SSH access on LS-CHL-V2 🙁 Do I need to go back to 1.69, TIA Garyt