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By 2016-04-21 Buffalo + Plex

Hi everyone,

A quick status update on a few things:


I’ve been working on a new firmware version. I’ve only wrecked my Linkstation twice so far, but it’s not the end of the development yet. (LOL)

It’s nothing serious, just the new script that’s supposed to tell you when a new Plex version is available had a bug and moved my /lib folder into the Plex root, which left the poor Linkstation in a broken state. It’s fixed now. All hail QA testing. 🙂

New features:

  • There will be a new version of Plex. (obviously)
  • SSH will be enabled for the LS-CHL NAS. (Huge apology for the owners out there, this is my bad.)
  • There will be a special maintenance option to upgrade Plex only. – The Linkstation should tell you that there’s a new release but I’ll write details when it’s ready.
  • I haven’t decided what to do with the transmission issue on 1.71 yet. It needs more troubleshooting and I’m not sure if I want to delay a firmware for that. Maybe another 1.69/1.71 release…

ETA is “sometime soon”. Based on the amount of time I have and the features listed, I’d say it needs another week or two at least.

The blog

For some reason I wasn’t receiving e-mails when someone wrote a comment to the blog, so I just approved them now. Thanks everyone for the encouragement, I really appreciate every feedback.

I want to share Chris’s story. He said his comment doesn’t need to be published but the take-away is worth mentioning. He was troubleshooting NFS connectivity on the Linkstation for 3 hours before he noticed that he put the Linkstation’s IP address into the “Network address” field on the NFS page. So, be aware: if your NAS has the IP, make sure to put at the “Network address” field so the NFS server allows connections from all machines on the 192.168.1.x subnet. (Provided that you left the subnet mask as

 The firmware downloads

I noticed that some of the firmware is not available directly from pCloud any more – they ask you to create an account and login. The reason stated is that they have high download traffic – I guess this is their way of getting more users.

pCloud is a decent cloud file-sharing solution, feel free to create an account on their site, it’s free with 10GB of disk space. If you worry about your identity too much (or you don’t want to remember yet another password), I’ll try to look into alternatives to host the firmwares but I want to keep it somewhere ad-free and easily accessible. (I guess you are also tired of download sites with a trillion “download” buttons…) Ideas are welcome in the comments.

That’s it for now, I’ll get back to ExtJS country so there’s another button on the admin page of the next firmware.



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  • noi says:

    Wow, that is great news, and thanks for the extra features and fixes in the upcoming update, very useful indeed. Thanks for the NFS hint too.
    Also just to say, for myself pcloud seems to work fine once I created an account, and its not too troublesome to download from pcloud once you have used it a couple of times.
    Thanks again and look forward to trying out the update in a few weeks. Meantime, hope all goes well. 🙂
    Cheers for now

  • Tuyen says:

    I am noobs.
    i have nas ls_xhl
    I update fw 1.71 – hallowen, done
    transmission : enable
    flexget : enable
    I want config flexget but i don’t find direction config.yml (/root/.config not flexget)
    Thank you
    p/s: sorry , I’m a Vietnam
    My English is not good

  • Alberto says:

    Hi GaryT:

    I think you aren’t online from many time, however I’m going to tell you an issue what I’m having with NFS…

    I’m mounting some folders from BUFFALO Linkstation as NFS shares in another Linux host, and all OK initially.
    Now, I’m having problems with some files, I don’t know why, but if I try to open from NFS share, I receive a error I/O message. If I try to open same file from CIFS share (is the same folder in Buffalo), no problem.

    – Libreoffice Spreadsheets.
    – Calibre Databases.

    Can you give me some advice?

    Thank you

  • Hello Gary. I had become disabled several years ago. And then my domain server crashed and my network fell apart at the seems, because I wasn’t physically or spiritually capable of tending to it properly (after running a domain network since 1993ish and a landlined BBS for about 7 years before that=pre-internet).. I’ve been just scraping by keeping the internet up so the kids stay happy (games) and the wife doing her occasional listings. My network totally fell apart. BUT Recently I’ve found my interest in all things IT has been on the rebound (Hint: I built my first “computer” in 1975 at age 11 (it was an Altair 8080 and it was unlimited fun back then then but would be like a small torture chamber today) then I spent some time getting my amateur radio licenses, etc. But I ramble…) So much has changed since Windows 2003 Enterprise edition (my broken down domain server). Although I’m still running on “WORKGROUP” I have a really brutal domain server coming to life and I’ve updated one of my 3 LS-QVL/E-AP Linkstations from stock fw 1.65 to to your 1.71 Halloween firmware. Its slick to be certain. I’m not planning on using the RAID features and still have a lot to learn with regard to MOD firmwares for LS’s, but to make a long comment short, once my domain is up I would be more than happy to host your firmware if you are still in need of a host. Once my network is up I predict it will stay that way for at least 20+ years. Let me know what you think and hopefully I won’t have too many crazy questions about your Linkstation firmware builds! Best regards and thanks for helping me “hop” up my LS-QVL/E-AP (1of3). Zoiks and away… Johnny 4.52

  • Mik says:

    Can u add support for new LS220/210 etc series?

  • theslydog says:

    I put this also on another post as not sure which one to add it to.

    There is a new firmware update 1.73 due to Samba Vulnerability CVE-2017-7494
    Will you be doing an update of you custom firmware for this vulnerability?
    Update here.

    Samba Vulnerability CVE-2017-7494