The ultimate NAS Media Server

Buffalo Linkstation customized firmware gives you:

  • Plex Media Server
  • uTorrent web torrent client with RSS feed and mobile view
  • Transmission torrent client with FlexGet, multiple versions and skins
  • Advanced Power Management
  • NFS server, SSH access for advanced users

Download the customized firmware at the bottom of the page.

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with Buffalo. Although I am doing my best to help users with this device your actions are your own and the information provided below AS IS. I cannot guarantee that any of the below information applies to you or your device. This is a home-grown project.



Plex Media Server

Buffalo Linkstation now supports Plex Media Server with this firmware. Enable and disable it under Extensions / MediaServer. You can also load the Plex management interface from there.


Transmission torrent

Brand new Transmission torrent client with FlexGet for a different torrent experience. Multiple versions, multiple skins, choose the one that suits you. Enable it from Extensions / BitTorrent.


uTorrent web interface

The built-in torrent client got a facelift with the µTorrent web interface, RSS feeds, auto-load folder, links to browser plugins and a smartphone compatible view. Enable it from Extensions / BitTorrent.


Advanced Power Management for hard drives

You can enable and disable Advanced Power Management (APM) on the web interface for your disk drives. Disabling APM extends the life of your disk drives. Set it under System / Storage.


Network keep-alive

Keep your Linkstation awake while you are watching a movie or copying files and still use the Linkstation power saving mode.


NFS server

User-mode NFS v3 server for the technically advanced


SSH server

Secure shell server so all parts of the Linkstation can be accessed



Auto-update was reworked so new versions of the custom firmware reach the Linkstation more easily


Technical details

  • Buffalo firmware version: v1.71
    • Developed on: Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo LS-WVL/E
    • Compatible series:
      • LS-SL, LS-AVL, LS-VL, LS-WVL,
  • User-mode NFS server version 3
  • SSH access for root on port 2222
  • Plex Media Server version: v0.9.12.13 (Synology package)
  • uTorrent web interface and miniUI interface (version 2013-05-28 and 2011-04-24)
  • Transmission v2.84 and v2.77 with kettu, shift and web-control skins (2015-09-08)
  • FlexGet 1.2.347
  • APM settings for HDD: 128 for On, 255 for Off
  • Network keep-alive uses netstat to query established connections
  • Bugfixes


The Plex Media Server does not support transcoding on the Linkstation. This means you can only use media that is either natively supported by the client or where the client is capable of transcoding the media.

  • Samsung TVs: any media that the TV can usually play (for example through USB)
  • iOSAndroidRoku, etc: any media that is natively supported by the device (usually H.264 video, AAC audio, MP4 container)
  • PC, Mac, Linux: any media

Other information

  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions section
  • Install the firmware as you would install a regular Buffalo firmware. The updater was modified to allow overrides of any version of the firmware.
  • Clear your browser cache after the upgrade so cached javascript files get updated.
  • Support is available at NAS-Central and the Plex Forums.
  • Many thanks to Andimaginary Graphics for their web-site hosting and support